About me


I am Roelof Lange (1958). I live in Almere (the Netherlands)  and work in forensic psychiatry. I enjoy all sorts of beautiful things, such as art, nature and architecture, preferably in combinaton with tours. I like to be amazed by my surroundings, created in the far past. But also, I love all types of modern art expressions that move me and surprise me. In essence all positive creations of the human spirit. Most of all though, I love the beauty of the earth, its nature with all its aspects. Close to home, but if possible by traveling to other surroundings and by experienceing different cultures. When I spending time with Jacqueline Brouwers in the fantastic surroundings of Veynes, in the south of France in 2008, we developed the idea to create "I found a stone".


I have already, in addition to de Netherlands in the following contries "Ifoundastone"stones left behind: France, Belgium. Germany, Spain, Luxembourg, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Malta, Greece, Singapore, Turkey, Oman, Dubai (UAE), Myanmar (Burma), China, Japan, Fujeirah (UAE), India, Abu Dhabi (UAE), Cuba, Tibet (CN), Nepal, Honduras, Belize, Albania, United States, Mexico, Macedonia, Costa Rica, Indonesia. Cape Verde, Polland, Slowakije, Peru, Bolivia, Portugal, Vietnam, Bulgaria, Roemenia, Moldavia, Sri Lanka, Denmark, Norway , Sweden, Ghana and Jordan.

The way I work
I find stones, smooth and big enough to work with. The stones are painted with acrylic paint and varnished to preserve them. A numder is attached to the stone with the address of my website. The stone is varnished again and I take a picture of it. After that, I find a beautiful place to leave the stone behind. I take another picture of the stone in its new surroundings. I list the exact coordinates of the place where I leave my stone behind and keep all the information with the pictures in a document.

If someone finds the stone and reports it on the site, I will contact the finder. On our site, we will announce that the stone has been found, the location where it was found, and by whom (if the finder agrees to that).

Please feel free to contact me if you have any suggestions, questions or ideas.